They invite me on the show. I forgive them the apology I demanded. Then they won’t send me the link. They sent me on a wild goose chase to find it. Maybe they really are trolls… 😦

A band of internet creeps, 100 or so, has been tormenting Gorgeous George for years. So I stepped in and showed them who’s boss. Then they started trolling me… I think I am totally running circles around them, but I am just wondering what u think, dear reader. Let me know in the comments, or […]


Y’all don’t undastand! I was down to fifty miles in my gas tank, and thirty miles from work. Not one penny. Hungry. I went broke making Celi-Pimpin. Rent late fees. Eviction looming. I could get to work but not back. I stopped by Aw Shucks to work on a paid art gig, but that money […]

Was a total surprise. Thank you ma’am!!!!

-kuke loams

Worth 4,000 words.

So after testing each cd, my schtick, was to sign it with a golden sharpie. A few days ago I found out that any sharpie will ruin a cd overtime. Just funny that the seal of approval was making my cds unusable. I’ve fixed the problem, and even have my cd being sold at a […]

I’ve improved the packaging on my cds so they look handmade but super awesome. Even got a gold signature on each one. They are hard but fun to make. 14 songs. Every cd is tested before it is signed. Get at me and I’ll send one to you for ten bucks (plus shipping if ur […]

You can get one from me for ten bucks cash. Lmk in the comments if you want one. Fourteen original songs! So far, they come signed and I will continue to sign them until further notice or hand cramps.