These are my heroes. Their art hits me right in my heart, and I strive to be as honest as them. They’ve definitely been the most profound influences on my life:

Bob Dylan

Walter Russel


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Forrest Gump

Basically, I think about each of these people all the time. Literally, every five minutes, I’m thinking about one of these people. Here’s what they all have in common…
1) People called them stupid.
2) Most people misinterpret their message because they feel the need to have an interpretation of some “message” rather than just letting their art be art.
3) They believed in Heaven on Earth.

Belief is displayed with actions, not words.
Let art change you in a new way everyday. Don’t tie it in to a message. A piece of honest art goes on forever when it isn’t boxed in by opinions. This is the reason Christianity seems so lame to me but Jesus seems so fascinating and true… because Jesus was an artist expressing an evolving belief through action where Christianity is an establishment affirming stagnant beliefs through words.
I worship artists.
What is an artist?
An artist is a person who acts on behalf of his intentions rather than acting for the sake of reciprocity. Artists give from what seems to be a world of abundance. Non artists take from what seems to be a world of scarcity. In other words, artists are who they are, complete already and offering new layers to our world, whereas non artists are seeking to become who they think they want to be, incomplete and always searching.
The man should be found, and the art should be doing the searching. We’ve got it all backwards.

“A song is anything that can walk by itself.” -Bob Dylan

These five guys each created art that is still walking. If we could all just stand still rather than search, we might create some of our own.

-Watt Smith

NOTE: FOUR YEARS LATER- this post is a wise but lost young man’s bs before he learns a bunch of valuable lessons.  The static beliefs give you a backbone. If you call the truth Mud, your gonna have your face in it.


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