The way of the lion.

I’m now a full time comedian. It’s cool to have free time all day, although it is a bit scary to not get a steady paycheck. Yesterday I had the free time to see a movie, learn to do a Rubik’s Cube, run on the beach, and perform a killer show. It really is cool to not get stressed every day at work.
One thing I realized, and maybe you can relate, is that I ALWAYS think about money. I may be looking at whales swimming or staring off a mountain, but my head is on “green”. I guess I am just a born paper-chaser. My goal for this month is to limit my time thinking about money so that I can see other things. So, between 8AM and 12PM, I am going to nothing but chase paper. Then, during the rest of the day, I’m just going to do whatever I want. I mean, lions only hunt 4 hours a day, why should humans hunt any longer.
To months of sometimes chasing paper…
Watt Smith


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