Southern Coast of Spain

Our trip started in Alicante, where we were couchsurfing with this couple named Julio and Paula.  She was an artist, and he was a chemistry student.  We showed up without Thrive, so this became a great opportunity to practice our Spanish.  These people were cool as hell, and I can’t wait to see them again.  We toured Castile de Santa Barbara, and when I was standing on the top of a stone tower, next to a cannon overlooking the Mediterranean, I kept thinking about reincarnation.

What if each of our souls have navigated through countless bodies, learning the lessons that they need in each lifetime so that they may ultimately ascend into a divine plane?  I started wondering whether or not I am making the most of this part of my soul’s existence.  I mean, I’ve won the reincarnation lottery with this existence.  Rich family.  American.  You name it- I’ve got it.  I wonder if I would have an added zeal, however, if I knew that in my next life I’d be a cobbler with a hunchback and huge, clumsy banana fingers.  It’s fun to speculate, but I’ve been attracted to the belief ever since I attended a ten day Vipassana meditation course.

When I was standing on that tower, I just felt like I had been there before… and I also got the sense that I was a disappointment to my predecessors.  I started to think that I might have a revolutionary spirit, and to focus on things besides my mission is to betray my soul’s life’s work.  For example, what if I was once George Washington or Leonardo Da Vinci.  Wouldn’t the choices of this life be a disappointment by comparison?

I really believe that everybody is a snowflake, like we learned in Kindergarden.   I think it’s a shame that so much snow just melts into snow.  I definitely don’t want to lose my individuality or cement my differences with conformity.  The contrast between people is what makes humanity so interesting.  Your redneck, alcoholic gas station attendant could have the soul of Mark Twain, and you can blame the burial of his spark on Nascar, Busch Lite, or Bible Study, but the real culprit is conformity.  If you look at the sky and see green, forget everybody who disagrees.  Just be weird as hell if you feel the compulsion!  It may just be the unknowing soul of Beethoven, thrilled to exist in a world where his body’s ears work.

I left the tower with a passion to focus more intently on my mission, which is the work of my life.  Currently, my mission is screenwriting and standup comedy… but I don’t want to box it in.  It’s a lot of other stuff too. NOTE: five years later- remember the Ayahuasca prophesy.  I’m living right into it, and I don’t even know it.

Next we drove to Almeria.  We met some crazy swingers when we were looking for a place to stay.  After they spent 50 Euro on us in food and drinks, they invited us…

Basically, I make fun of people inviting me and my brother to a sex orgy.  I was insecure to do that; people can do whatever they want.


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  1. Love that you made it to L’Ovella Negra and Razzmataz… both fun places that you’ll always remember (usually sans details).

    The closest I’ve ever come to believing in an afterlife was with reincarnation, but it wasn’t until I was sitting in a temple in China, intoxicated by the smell of incense. At the time, the silence sounded a lot like how I imagine God would sound.

    Similar thing to your swinger story happened to me and Jay in Rome. We went out with an Irish guy who I was intent on out-drinking (and I did). These two guys who seemed wasted told us they’re gf’s wanted to fuck us and that we should all go back to our hotel. We ended up saying no, and good thing because the bartender told us that a good number of immigrants (not to stereotype, but he said Russians in particular) would convince guys to sleep with their girls and then rape/rob them in a dark alley on the way back. Definitely gave me a new perspective on the kinds of crazy sexual adventures I’ve considered solely for the story. Really surprised we escaped that adventure since we both ended up pissing our hostel beds that night.

    Tonight I got an e-mail from someone who saw me performing my musical comedy act in a club, thought it was really funny, and wanted me to perform at their Christmas show next week on a main stage. I’ll be in NY and can’t make it, but it was encouraging.

    Oh, and there’s nothing like ending the night by dancing in the rain in a Spanish Plaza. I’m glad you discovered that too…

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