Ferry To Morocco

As snacks, we kept about ten pounds of oranges and five pounds of carrots in our car, so when we returned our rental car in Algacirus, we gave a bag of oranges to some Spanish guy.  We couldn’t give away the carrots, not even to homeless people.  Carrots are the most underrated vegetables in the world.  They are filling.  They take 20 minutes to eat.  They sharpen your teeth.  They sound great when chewed.  They give your skin an orangey glow.  One carrot keeps you full for three hours.  Carrots are wholesome.  Also, they are cheap.  Carrots rule for so many reasons.

We get tickets on a giant barge leaving for Tangier, Morocco at 2:30, and we get on it at 1:30.  We each read books until the barge leaves at 4:30.  Two hours late.  Annoying.  About 1,000 people are on the barge with us, also annoying.  I fall asleep because I had stayed up all night the night before.  When I wake up three hours later, everybody around me is puking and water is smashing onto the front windows.  We’re in the middle of a storm.  As the boat drives forward the tip shoots into the air then crashes down, headfirst, into oncoming waves, and then it bounces back into the air.  I grab my chair and move to the front of the ship to watch the action.  The woman next to me is puking so loudly and gurgling so disgustingly, that I start wanting to puke myself, but I push those thoughts out of my head while the smell of vomit just gets thicker and thicker.  One hilarious Moroccan dude starts paying “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion (the Titanic song) on his cell phone, and I breathed the fumes of puke, enjoyed the music, and watched the boat crash forwards toward Morocco as water splashed through the windows onto my body.  It was an interesting time.
Things stopped being enjoyable when the 1,000 of us realized that their customs consisted of one person with a laptop.  It took us three more hours to get out.  I’d forgotten how inefficient Africa is sometimes.
We were exhausted, so we ignored the uncountable number of people selling weed (apparently that’s the thing to do here), and we checked straight into Marco Polo Hotel and Gymnasium outside.  One tagine of meat, which is a plate/bowl with stew and meat on the bottom and vegetables on top.  We went straight back and slept.


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    Believe me you get used to it 😀

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