Look in the mirror.

Did you know that if congress were a person making 30,000 dollars a year, that person would have over 100,000 dollars of debt?
Do you know how many nations have crumpled under their debts?
Why do we spend more than there is?
Shouldn’t this be a crime?
When politicians must buy votes rather than inspire loyalty, money hemorrhages.
Let’s defeat the debt…

In other sad news, JD Salinger is dead. I used to write him letters from Ethiopia.
I hope he left something for us to read, but I understand if he didn’t.

In an effort to never be in debt, I’m taking a referee certification course. Pretty soon, I will be reffing soccer games, just as I did from the ages of ten to eighteen. Fun fun fun.


I have been in debt twice, and both times bailed out by my parents, to the tune of 8 grand.


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