Strawberry Fanta

Going around LA by bike has been pretty fun. Not to say it hasn’t been exhausting. LA is not suited for biking because there are so many hills. It took me three hours to go 14 miles after Muay Thai practice, but during the ride I started to experience the city in a different way. Downtown looked quiet when I was looking over it at night time, and I marveled at the effort it took to build so many tall buildings. I noticed those Christmas lights where a spark trickles down the line, creating the illusion of snow. Following the landing planes of LAX like it was the North Star, I passed the Staples Center and biked around the courtyard. When my tired legs started to work against me, I was in Inglewood on La Cienega. I’d never noticed the oil fields on my left, and I could hear the big metal pistons pumping. They worked at a steady pace, and they never wavered. Turn, turn, turn, on and on forever. I wish my legs worked that diligently. Being on a bike makes you appreciate the industrial world.
I stopped 3 miles away from my place at Randy’s Donuts, the only doughnut place with a giant doughnut on the roof. Beyond tired, I got a chocolate raise and a Strawberry Fanta, and it’s the first time in twelve years that soda has tasted as good as it did when I was ten.


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