Pet peeve

I like fat people who are happy, but I can’t stand people who aren’t happy because they are fat. My fifth grade teacher was one of these people, and it was a sad year. Either be happy that you are fat or stop being fat.
How can you stop being fat? You can’t break your habit of eating so much without replacing it with a new habit. So just do this: eat three meals a day, and every time you want to have a snack, run a mile instead. If you hate working out, this will teach you to hate snacking, and maybe you’ll find out that you love running. If you just hate the process, then you need to just learn to be happy as a fat person.
Just don’t be unhappy with yourself. That kills everyone else’s buzz.

-Well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder. – THE BEATLES


One comment

  1. hey men i’m the guy you met in chatroulette, from venezuela, i have a sister who is fat and i’ve telling her that a lot of times but she just tells me.. fuck ooof, i’m fat with proud and i don’t care.. she eats chocolate, fried chickens and potatoes, and snacks in industrial quantities…! so this is great, is very personal to me… keep working.! 🙂

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