The Ten Commandments

Lately I’ve been so confused about my values and my future that I called my dad. His advice to me was really simple: “Read the bible.”

Man’s law has thousands of pages of rules that vary from country to country, but God’s law is simple. It is written on one page. The ten commandments provide a perfect way of life.

I’ve been focusing on keeping them.

It’s not intrusive either. You can keep them and still basically do whatever you want.
You can’t murder or commit adultery, but adultery is just dishonesty with a sexual parter, and murder? Of course you shouldn’t murder!
It also says to bow to no idols.

God exists in ripples between human energy, and if you keep the commandments, like “Honor your father and mother” then you are creating the right ripples.
Some of the commandments are about refraining from wrongdoing, and some are about seizing opportunities to do the right thing.
If you want to know exactly what I’m doing… I’m going to memorize them and live by them as I interpret them.


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