Live Entertainment Will Save the World

A great quote from a random character in The Fountainhead

Don’t work for my happiness, my brothers, show me yours. Show me that it is possible. Show me your achievement, and the knowledge will give me courage for mine.

-Ayn Rand

Consumption, without the wisdom acquired from survival, leads the consumer to addiction, which is a salesman’s dream. To sell, not once, but repeatedly.
Addiction is not limited solely to habits and drugs; it exists in the most unexpected places. Regular products are manufactured to create addictions.
Question: Why do you think most electrical products break after six months?
Answer: So you must buy a new one.

Fuses that last forever exist, but a broken fuse means a need for a new product. Power converters. TVs. Light bulbs. They all are made to break.

And mostly they don’t get recycled.

People take the planets resources, and sell them to other people.
They’re selling the planet to its own owners.
What humanity does to itself is insane.
I’d have no problem with selling products built to last forever. Those sorts of things are not a waste of resources. I’ve got a problem with the idea that eventually, every mountain and mineral deposit will be manufactured into a piece of junk for the sake of an illusory profit. Money comes from the Earth’s value, and man’s work should INCREASE the Earth’s value, not decrease it. As the Earth’s value decreases, so does the value of money. Will you spend your savings on ski trips when mountains become piles of antiquated China-made appliances?
Stop consuming and start experiencing.
Comedians create laughter from attention.
They absorb the energy of the audience and provide the complementary energy that creates laughter, which cures all ailments.
There’s no waste because no matter is manipulated. The only thing that happens is a change in human feelings.
To spend money on live entertainment rather than products is to refuse to pay ransom for what you already own. The world is ours already, and we shouldn’t have to buy pieces of it every six months. Instead, we should enjoy it fully each night.
To see a live show is to break a cycle of deception, created by a flaw in the logic of the rich, the hamster wheel of lies that convinces us to buy more things when the only things a man can truly own are his experiences. So save your money by spending it on your experience.
You don’t just live in a world; a world lives in you.
Let both worlds be beautiful.


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