You are all descendant from Adam, and the best among you is he who most regards God. Think deeply about what I say. Let all your feuds be abolished. You must know that every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim, and all Muslims are brothers one of another. Do not oppress and do not be oppressed.
Oh, my people, I am but a man, and it may be that the angel of death will visit me soon, but I have left you a book, revealed by God, the Quran, which is light and guidance.
-Mohammad (shortly before his death in Mecca)

If anyone worships Mohammad, let him know that Mohammad is dead, but he that worships God; let him know that God is alive and can not die.
-Abu Beker (Mohammad’s friend).

These don’t sound like the words of evil to me. It sounds like good souls are being manipulated to fight by a force of lies. In reality we have nothing to fight about. Let’s share the goodness of our cultures, not rub egos with weapons. Youtube is a great bastion of free speech, an open forum of ideas, where anybody can expose the truths they discover to the whole world. It’s very different than our media, which doesn’t put up anything I can watch seriously because it looks staged. Isn’t it obvious when people are lying?
When you tell the truth, you sit still, compose yourself and speak. When you lie, you look around and fidget. Observe this phenomenon and you can expose half of the secret government that stands between us and peace in a free forum of ideas, where the best ideas rise to the top.
Let’s live in truth together.


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