The Peace Artist just walked back through my life…

When somebody says “I’m gonna lose 20 pounds” I usually say “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but I never had a doubt when I met the Peace Artist, and he told me he was going to walk over to LA from Seattle.
Sure enough, he walked through two days ago,
accompanied me to a White Elephant gift exchange, bringing his art as a gift,

taught my friends and me new songs on guitar,

learned, shared stories, and had fun, slept over, woke up, and he drew a picture of me.

then he took off towards New Mexico, on foot.

He never asked for anything, and he left me a beautiful drawing and a pair of “invisible shoes” which he had carried 1700 miles. He also gave me some perfectly ripe tomatoes, which I am about to plant today.

I ran three miles out with him, in my new pair of shoes, and it was just like when we met in San Francisco. Eventually, I said bye, and we ran in opposite directions: me, back home; him, east, towards the Atlantic Ocean. All he does is ask for nothing, give art to the people he meets, and walk/run the earth. He will complete his pilgrimage at 10000 miles after he encircles the country brightening everybody’s lives. His own life must be the brightest.
I don’t have a picture of him, but you can keep with his journey here:

Our parting impacted my emotions suddenly. My senses felt heightened, and I sat in the rose garden by LAX staring at the plants. By the time I felt ready to stand it looked like a hundred new roses had bloomed and tears were on my face.

I hope the Peace Artist walks by you soon, and y’all can meet.

Here’s a video of him…


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