Now it feels important to talk about Israel.

First of all, DO NOT hate on Muslims, and DO NOT hate on Jews.
Just as Muslims are different from terrorist extremists, Zionist Israeli Statists, many of whom are insane and murderous, are different from Jews.
Don’t believe me?  Ask a Jew!

Also, Israelis demonstrate in Jerusalem in support of withdrawal.  Do you think the people like being forced to serve in the Army for 2-3 years?  That’s right, everybody in Israel is subject to a draft.  They are called by STATIST Zionist leaders to serve a special interest, and most of them don’t know that they have a choice!  Everybody has a choice, whether brainwashed from birth or held at gunpoint… like this guy-

Many Israeli soldiers are waking up from the hypocritical racist brainwashing…

Because we need to protect ourselves from Terrorism.  Terrorism is blowback, not irrational lone nuts.  This causes terrorism—

My point is: don’t hate on all ISRAELIS; don’t hate on all PALESTINIANS.  If you must hate, hate these leaders sending the children of their country off to murder and die for the sake of their fat, angry, chicken hawking constituents.

To my former friend reading this (yes, you): do not be offended.

You know this is the truth.

Nobody helps anybody by prolonging their struggle.


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