Laughs for Freedom

“Laughter, it is said, is the best medicine. Might it also be the best defensive weapon against the state? Suppose that every time a government official spoke to a commoner, the commoner broke out in uncontrollable laughter. No matter what his lordship might say, he would be met in every instance with great peals of guffaws.

My hypothesis is that being received in this fashion would take all of the joy out of membership in the lordly class, and might eventually dissuade people from taking up positions in the government.

At present, matters are exactly the opposite. People treat these professional liars, thieves, and murderers not only as decent individuals, but as high-and-mighty personages who merit the most respectful, adulatory, and unctuous reception. Even the most venal and moronic congressmen are addressed as “the honorable” this and that, notwithstanding that these crooks shun genuine honor as a vampire takes flight from a silver crucifix. Strange to say, people kowtow to these venal and self-serving swindlers as if they were demigods or saints. It’s a major perk for government officials and functionaries that ordinary people bow down to them, grovel, and lick their boots. Such servile deference augments mightily their already hyper-inflated sense of self-importance.

These balloons of hot, sulfurous gases would be pricked and deflated at once if people were to quit their obsequiousness and merely laugh uproariously at them, treating them as the preposterous and grotesque moral clowns they truly are. Down with government “dignitaries.” A revolution for freedom might be accomplished bloodlessly and almost overnight if only the peasants, whenever they caught sight of these overlording good-for-nothings, rose up as one and laughed, laughed, laughed.” –Robert Higgs


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