I just had a dream that I was promoting a new line of shoes and eyewear, so I was walking around with a friend, searching for places to hang some banners.  What we were walking through seemed like slums at first, but it turned into a corporate office park in a student hotel resort.  We found some soccer fields on the campus with a team playing, and pretty soon we were all in a yellow jeep, smoking a blunt, while I played the flute.  Police rolled up, and I ate half of the blunt.  Now they tell us to drive over to a certain area, but I bumped into my libertarian friend, Ben, at the intersection, and I asked him “legal advice”.  He tells me to just get away, so we turn left, and I start walking through a very nice hotel.  I leave a beer on the path over.  Inside everything is white and spacious.  The receptionist doesn’t even look up at me.  I go to a room on the right, and see a bunch of similar looking blondes beautifying themselves, manicures, pedicures, tans, bleach.  The next room is a hallway, and I can hear a couple having sex loudly in a room above.  There’s a pool with a girl swimming naked and alone.

I go downstairs and see lots of naked women climbing upstairs.  It’s the girls soccer team.  They all look in my eyes and I say “hi” to one of them, shyly.  She doesn’t stop; they keep going to the pool, and I look out at the soccer field.

To be the only person naked in a dream suggests that you are overly critical of others.

To leave a beer behind suggests you quit drinking.

To play the flute in a dream suggests harmony in your life.



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