The Gnomes are pussies

They invite me on the show. I forgive them the apology I demanded. Then they won’t send me the link. They sent me on a wild goose chase to find it.

Maybe they really are trolls… 😦


  1. The Goons – Living rent free in Watt’s head since 2022. Which is ironic really considering he says he is homeless but lives with his Mom.

    1. No dude this ain’t Janet you guys don’t live in my head only on my cyber feeds

      1. Is Janet your trannie name? Would explain a lot especially since we live inside your head. 😀

      2. Another case of a G hating on a T… Man U really wanna keep embarrassing urself in public like this. It’s ur decision. U are never in my head because when u show up I get u out. Don’t need ya. Peace

      3. “Another G hating on the T”? Do you realize that insult works only if it makes sense? Then again your musicianship sucks, your manners suck so why not your logic.

  2. Hamish MacIntosh · · Reply

    Hey Watt. Here’s a little video if you in a woman’s wig reacting to one of your angry comments. Keep seething buddy!

    1. Y’all are becoming bigger fans than I ever imagined… 14 likes! Wow!

  3. Bob Floy · · Reply

    I don’t think you understand. We’re definitely not fans, in fact we dislike you quite a bit, and look down on you. We think you’re an untalented hack, bad at singing,bad at songwriting, bad at comedy. You’re getting attention from us because you got on our nerves, not because we’re fans. I know that lolcows have trouble with this, because you’re all stupid, but you can read, right? Maybe look up the word “fan”, it might help.

    1. Well, I was not looking for y’all as fans. So you can take as long as you want admitting it to urself

  4. Bob Floy · · Reply

    Oh, and if you do look up the word “fan”, make sure you skip over the part where they talk about a machine with blades, that’s not what we’re talking about. The definition you need should be a little further down.

    1. I get the joke… I didn’t laugh, but I see what u did there

  5. Eugene Magnificent · · Reply

    bitch you dont get comedy at all oh also I find it funny your a rape apologist ill make sure the world knows this and the fact your a hard core racist. you will be hearing more for me and tell GG once your done blowing him, ill see him soon.

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