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  1. Frank Spellers · · Reply


  2. Will Jones · · Reply

    whats up wattson? you do cool things, i need cool things to do. i dont have any money. what should i do?

    1. Ask your parents for money!

  3. matt conrad · · Reply

    Hey Watt,
    Do know if you remember me but i was at st chris with you and im friends with your cousin gordon v. Its great to see you are doing so well. Please let me know if you come near richmond id love to see a show or get a beer. thanks,
    Matthew Conrad

  4. Hi Watt:
    I’m the agent for Oregon State and the two students that are doing the booking for Dad’s weekend saw your videos and really liked them and passed them on. I really like them too.
    I’m leaving for a two week vacation today but I’d really like to talk to you.
    Would you please give me a call on my cell xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    Thanks a lot,

  5. Hi Watt:
    We’re looking for a new condom model, are you interested?
    Thanks a lot,

  6. Hello Watt,

    My name is is Robert Sherrell and I’m an aspiring comedian looking to make a name for himself similar to a way that you did by booking college shows. I was wondering if you could give me any pointers as to how the the process of of booking college venues go or just any tios at all when it comes to making money from performing.

    Thanks hope to hear from you.

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