Y’all don’t undastand!

Y’all don’t undastand!

I was down to fifty miles in my gas tank, and thirty miles from work. Not one penny. Hungry. I went broke making Celi-Pimpin. Rent late fees. Eviction looming. I could get to work but not back. I stopped by Aw Shucks to work on a paid art gig, but that money wouldn’t come for a while. What to do? Move forward. Go to work.

As I pulled out the parking lot, a dude I know hollered my name. I sold him two cds. 20 bucks. Gas and cheap smokes. I could get home now.

Worked all day, drilling holes, running wire, hungry. Got a call around 5PM. A check came in the mail to my old address for 275 dollars. Payback for my sr22 policy which was cancelled when I bought my car. I cashed the check and was able to fill up my tank completely, American spirits, and pay my late fees. Along with a decent dinner.

Here’s the kicker: that morning (yesterday) I truly thought it was St. Patrick’s Day. I prayed to God “Lord please give me a lucky day. I sure do need it.” 10 hours later I was raising a hallelujah!

Moral of the story: use whatever you got, and keep moving forward. God helps the honest hustlers. Remember that lady in the Bible that had one jar of olive oil to her name, but she just kept pouring it and it never ran out? That’s me dawg! I’m that bitch!

Btw- “Celi-Pimpin” and “Crazy and Back” are both sold out. I’m gonna put new packaging on the back of “Celi-Pimpin”. Crazy and back should remain the same. I gotta make more, so give me a week to send, who knows maybe Spotify and I-Tunes soon.

Life is awesome. All glory to God.

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